Tropical x Revolve

Tropical x Revolve

We are back, brand new blog layout, brand new collaborations.

Took me ages to write this post, kept thinking we should come back with a bang, be different…the truth is that we are, different I mean from when Fashionmegawatts started.

I personally spend an obscene amount of hours on clothing websites and Revolve is no exception. First and foremost the brand represents my personal style, I don’t know I’m slightly enthusiastic for the use of a better word. Always on the Revolve website checking what’s new and trying to find different pieces for Summer. I have to admit it all started with the myriad of photos on social media featuring their Tularosa brand and all the “floaty” beautiful dresses I wanted to own. Well the obsession got real when it came to Grlfrnd jeans , how many jeans is it logical to own? I still wonder that and I won’t reveal my number.

But when it came to finding a beautiful dress for summer this Lovers+Friends Charleston Dress really makes me wanna dance! With three different tiers of lace and the sequined tropical leaves this dress has a fun vibe about it, plus its hard not to twirl around (just saying). I have to admit there was some competition for this dress, a beautiful sequined mini dress from NBD, but this baby won at the end, come on it has a leaf print after-all, a-must interior decision you need to approach! On another note, we did manage to get something else from Revolve and specifically from House of Harlow 1960 ,but more on that next week!

What do you guys think? Do you love this dress as much?

How about the new blog layout? Please do let us know and don’t forget to share.

About this post: DressRevolve  , Photography & Editing: Kyriacos Americanos 

Special thanks to La Isla Limassol for the hospitality.

Hope you love this post and our new layout.


Elena & Andria



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