The one with all the pink

The one with all the pink

-On Wednesday’s we wear pink-

Our new post appropriately going up on a Wednesday, is all about that pink color that’s been everywhere this season! Firstly, you have to admit that these blush/light pink hues suit almost everyone so that’s great and also it has been so gloomy and rainy that a bit of color goes a long way!! What makes this look special actually is the floral details on the bomber jacket , which brings the whole look together. Of course the other pink component the jumper is oh so soft and compliments the light-wash jeans underneath. Paired with high-heels in this post, since we wanted to add another component of color but feel free to get your sneakers out as well!!

Following through with the trend of catching-up with you guys, we have to admit it has been eventful! When we say eventful is mostly the good kind, so don’t be alarmed but hey so many great projects and ideas will come your way in 2017. In the cliff notes version of things, we ate a lot of food, spent time with family and friends and got a few gifts here and there. Also who hasn’t made resolutions for the new year?! But we won’t bore you with the details!

In other news and the world of Men’s Fashion, London Fashion Week ended on Monday (9th Jan) and fashion shows will continue on to Milan (14th -17th Jan), Paris (18th-21 st Jan) and New York ( 30th Jan- 2nd Feb).  So far, LFW has been spectacular with bloggers and fashion enthusiasts showcasing their best street looks-more here and here!!

Hope you loved this post. Wishing all of our readers a spectacular 2017, get out there and reach your goals!!

Shop this look: Bomber Jacket-Mint Boutiques, Jumper- Minimalistic Boutique, Jeans-Levi’s from Urban Outfiters, Shoes-Brian Atwood from First Boutique , Bag-Chanel

Photo editing by Cost Moushies Photography


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