Simply stripes

Simply stripes

We are back this week with a brand new menswear post and officially introducing to you guys my favorite new top.

I mean come on, it has vertical stripes and a ton of attitude and it matches my black jeans perfectly!

You see what I mean? Loving this top!

In other news can anyone believe it’s August already? It’s crazy, I feel like we are in a movie, were time has sped up and days go by faster but the clocks keep ticking at the same pace. That’s a thought, haha! Must be sounding crazy, I swear it’s these blog photos they are so soulful!! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far, kind of looking forward to buying some Autumnal pieces for my wardrobe and some new jackets. Also looking forward to being able to step outside the house at 2 pm without dying from this heat.

I won’t blab on… loving this top and the whole outfit and if you feel it too you can check out First Boutique!

Also don’t forget to check my instagram account (@nicholaspap) to see want I’ve been up to during Summer 2017.

Catch you guys next week.


Photography: Cost Moushies 



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