Pre-fall linen

Pre-fall linen

I have to admit the struggle was real when I was picking a title for this post.

After posting a pictured titled “Stoned” referring to the stone color and earthy tones of this outfit, it just wouldn’t escape my mind. Seriously, I kept thinking of the Wiz Khalifa song (hilarious vid and lyrics) and then immediately Snoop Dog, whilst at the same time wondering what is wrong with me? I’ll stop now though!

This outfit is really just that pre-fall colour scheme that screams sandy beach and relaxed vibes.

Another plus to the fashion faux pas “no white after labour day”, labour day is 9 days away and we got this post up just before that, a sort of last hurrah (final act) before the end of summer!

Although this outfit interchanges within the same tonal colours it works together because it plays on textures. The double denim in an off-white, works beautifully with the textured, lightly striped linen shirt. Of course both the sunglasses and the shoes make it all come together.

Just imagine this outfit with chunky, western boots! Now you have that image in your mind, you do get what I mean about accessories bringing it all together, right?

Hope you guys loved this post!

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Photography: Cost Moushies 

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