Outfit inspiration

Outfit inspiration

1. Blazer – H&M, 2. Sweater – H&M, 3. T-Shirt – H&M, 4. Jeans – River Island, 5. Sneakers – Valentino ,6. Clutch – Zara


Casual Chic has to be one of the most versatile outfit I’ve put together and it’s for all of you who want to be stylish during the day or night. It can be ideal if you are meeting friends or generally have somewhere to go after work. There are no strict rules for this style, so try to feel comfortable in the way you are dressing. It can be monochromatic or wild with prints, textures and colours.


1. Leather Jacket – Saint Laurent, 2. T-Shirt – Topman , 3. Monk shoes – Topman ,4. Jeans – Topman, 5. Cap – New Era


Leather jackets are essential garments for men, as they add masculinity, edge and strong appearance. The favourite classic leather jacket colours are brown, black and camel. Apart from your personal style, the leather jacket justifies its place in any mans wardrobe. It is an item that can be thrown on over the top of any outfit to transform it instantly, whether is casual or formal.


1. Suede Jacket – Topman,2. Shirt – Topman, 3. Chinos – River Island, 4. Backpack – Givenchy, 5. Sneakers – New Balance

 Prints and patterns are staple pieces in every mans wardrobe for the past few seasons. There are a lot of variations on everything from shirts to trousers and even suits. It is important to contrast the style of the patterns you are matching. For example the pattern in the shirt, contrasts the bags’ floral pattern so the two patterns do not compete our eye’s attention.


1. T-Shirt – London Boy, 2. Shirt – Topman, 3. Bag – Mulberry , 4. Jeans – Asos, 5. Shoes – Converse

 Step out of your comfort zone and pair your Check shirt with your favourite T-Shirt and a pair of Converse to complement the more relaxed nature of the shirt perfectly.  Wear it open or around your waist and keep the rest of your look subtle. Finish your outfit with a pair of light washed ripped jeans and you are ready to rock the streets!


1. Vest – Moncler, 2. Sweatshirt – Criminal Damage, 3. Jeans – River Island, 4.Beanie Hat – Asos ,5. Sneakers – Nike

This style inspiration is a small sample of pieces that could easily be integrated in every man’s wardrobe. The most important part is your personal attitude and the way you combine colours, prints and pieces together to create something unique to you. Keep your outfits simple yet alter the way they look, play with textures and colours and experiment with their silhouette.




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