Countdown to Christmas-The third

Countdown to Christmas-The third

Well today was eventful! Whilst most of our time was divided between work and uni we did manage to get some snaps for you guys!

Outfits of the day , a few Christmas cookies were destroyed (Munch,munch) and a cupcake...!

Victoria’s Secret fashion show was taped for the first time in London yesterday and it was spectacular! We managed to catch a glimpse from video clips and a ton of pictures of course but cannot wait to watch the whole thing on the 9th of December!!Taylor Swift looked and sounded amazing next to the models, plus the new lines of  lingerie and Pink-wear did not disappoint at all!!

What else..our menswear post went live yesterday in case you didn’t check it out already you can take a look-Mix & Match !

And it’s a wrap for today..Hope you enjoyed our photo diary!!

Tell us what you wanna see on our blog and we’ll make it happen!!Don’t forget to spread the love by sharing and liking our posts!!

Check back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 4!!


Elena, Nicholas & Andria

Mix & Match



Day 3

Day 3











blogmas day 3 6

blogmas day 3


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