Countdown to Christmas-The fourth

Countdown to Christmas-The fourth

Today was great, busy as always but super festive!!

Managed to get some early Christmas presents for friends…It’s really hard to buy gifts for some people or is it just us?? Sometimes you really don’t know what to get..

Today involved a bit of shopping…(see photo below of amazing Adidas sneakers and fedora hat) and how cute are the Costa Coffee takeaway cups??!! Bonus points for “packaging” indeed! Seems like our main source of fuel is coffee if we being honest since we been taking coffee selfies daily!!

Meanwhile in an other island, an advent calendar arrived today..late though but still worth it! And a brunch at Teacup kitchen in Northern Quarter was just right!!

Also our #Menswear Post went down well with you guys!!We cannot get over how amazing the pictures turned out!! Hope you checked that out!!

And that’s about it..Catch you guys tomorrow with Blogmas Day 5 and #FashionFriday!!

Any suggestions for Blogmas and posts you’d like to see let us know!!!


Elena, Nicholas & Andria

blogmas day 4

blogmas day 4 3

blogmas day 4 2

blogmas day 4 4


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