About fashion mega watts

Welcome to fashionmegawatts!

I guess you’ve landed on the About Us page because you wanna know more about us, so we are using some of the question’s we get asked about a lot to compile this section:

When was your blog founded?

Our blog was founded in Manchester, UK in 2013 by Elena & Andria. Nicholas our resident menswear expert joined us only 9 months after, thus completing the Fashionmegawatts team. The official blog birthday is on the 4th of May, since that’s the date we published our first post the White Suit. Our blog birthday also falls on Star Wars day and the birthday of one of our favorite fashion and film icons Audrey Hepburn, we’ll let you decide which one of the above is the reason we picked this date.

Do you only blog or do you have jobs?

All three of us work on the blog part-time. When not blogging on Fashionmegawatts, Elena owns and operates her own clinical laboratory in Limassol, Nicholas is a visual merchandiser and Andria also works in a clinical laboratory in Nicosia.

Did you go to University?

We all studied in Manchester, Elena studied Microbiology and has several (5) MSc ‘s in her field. Nicholas did a degree in Fine Arts and Design. Andria did a Biomedical Sciences course and has some MSc’ s.

Why fashion?

Plain and simple, because we love it. For us it’s inspiring, almost costume-theater like, you get to be who you want to be and dress how you feel. We all have our individual style, personality and things we love about fashion.

Where do you live?

We live in beautiful Cyprus.

Why is your blog in English? 

Because it’s easier for our readers. If our blog was only in Greek then some people wouldn’t be able to read it.

Why do you only have this crappy photo of the three of you?

 Because someone doesn’t want to take group photos (Andria).


Do you have more questions for us? Tweet or comment and we’ll be happy to answer!